NAICS Codes: 541930, 541512, 541511, 541519, 611630, 611310, 611420, 611430

Kassir International

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday,
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Scenario Development

Training Packages & Scenario Development

Being prepared makes all the difference in any mission. Kassir International has a demonstrated ability to meet any unit's specific requirements.

Soldiers On a Mission

Customized for Specific Challenges

We work with each unit's specific training objectives and build an appropriate training package. Our experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) develop scenarios and training events that reflect the actualities of the environments to which each unit will be deploying. Examples of scenarios we create training for include:

• Passive & Active Intelligence Collection Training
• Conduct of a Shura
• Key Leader, Tribal Elder, & Religious Engagements

• Interaction With Vendors & Civilian Populace
• Tribal Negotiations & Mediation
• Contract Negotiations
• Marketplace & Bazaar
• Focal Point for Cultural Awareness Training