NAICS Codes: 541930, 541512, 541511, 541519, 611630, 611310, 611420, 611430

Kassir International

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Live Training

Live Training Support Services

Winning the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) requires highly skilled forces that have quality cultural and language training in their area of responsibility (AOR). When agencies need mission-specific cultural awareness education and training, they rely on Kassir International to provide highly qualified personnel. Our Iraqi and Afghan foreign language specialist (FLS) and role players provide realistic, demanding, theater-specific training that bridges the gap between classroom education and demonstrated task performance.

A Deep Pool of Talent

We maintain a database of over 2,000 foreign-language specialists and role players that are vetted for cultural aspects and thoroughly screened for security purposes. Our live training support services account for the following needs when assigning participants for live training:

• Multi-Provincial & Ethnic Balances
• Varied Sectarian Backgrounds (e.g., Shia, Sunni, & Christian)
• Professional & Technical Backgrounds

• Adaptable To Short Suspense & Changing Requirements
• Culturally Astute & Well-Trained
• Thoroughly Understand Training Hardships