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Kassir International

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Past Performance

Past Government Contracts & Projects

Kassir International is a forward-looking company that is always ready to meet the next challenge. However, there are a few contracts and projects that we are especially proud of having worked on. They are as follows.

Intelligence & Advisory Services in Iraq

•Provide a wide range of advisory and technical services, including analyzing trends in the local media, conducting local polls, and providing solutions and advice regarding cultural, religious, political, and economic issues.
• Provide intelligence analysis, information operations "atmospherics," and reporting services to improve the U.S. Army's local strategic communications program in Iraq.
• Assist and advise military staff and commanders in planning operations and establishing mutual trust and understanding between the military and the Iraqi people.

U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) — Iraq & Afghanistan

• Provide linguists and translators to support the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan under the INSCOM program.
• Support INSCOM operations, which include the following:

1. Conduct and support relevant intelligence, security, and information operations for Army, joint, and combined forces.
2. Optimize national, theatre, and tactical partnerships.
3. Exploit leading edge technology.
4. Meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the 21st century.

Role Player Exercises & Cultural Awareness Training

• Work with Marines Corps Civil Affairs group to create complex role playing scenarios.
• Provide Afghan-native role players and linguists with expert Pashto and Dari language skills to perform the scenarios.
• Perform culture awareness training through interactive discussions with Marines.
• Conduct Pashto and Dari Language training by familiarizing Marines with common greetings and other phrases that will enhance communications with Afghan locals.

Public Opinion Research in Iraq

• Provide research and analytic support to the Department of State/Office of Research by planning, implementing, analyzing, and reporting as part of an extensive public opinion research program in Iraq.
• Evaluation and analysis of public opinion data.
• Design methodologically appropriate and policy relevant public opinion research projects.
• Participate in planning and implementation of numerous public opinion survey and focus group projects in support of policy makers in the Department of State and across the USG.